Thursday, January 21, 2010

Self-referential is NOT self-reverential: a tale of migration

The Joshua Fit sure acts like it's on hiatus, so let's make it official. I was going to use the past-exonerative tense in writing this but the bottom line is: I feel I'm one blog over my limit for reasonable maintenance.

I'm blogging and doing other Web 2.0+ stuff with my students and they have to come first. (Otherwise, what's the point of whining about the sorry state of education? If you get my drift.) The Other Two-Fifths seems to have legs, so that blog will be my default posting area for pretty much everything else. You'll see topics at TOTF that might appear off-theme in that space, by its original charter. On a positive note, this may reveal a more unified & consistent ProfGeo over time. No guarantees, though! I will also continue reading/commenting in the usual spots (e.g. blogs listed in the "I frequent" section at TOTF).

Thanks to those who checked in here. Please visit:

The Other Two-Fifths

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