Wednesday, September 9, 2009

McDonald's should ask themselves why, to a person, we are all happy about this

Moral: A smiling chicken giving a thumbs-up to being eaten is NOT the same as the Golden Arches®.
McDonald's loses trademark fight against McCurry

By JULIA ZAPPEI, Associated Press Writer Julia Zappei, Associated Press Writer – Tue Sep 8, 6:43 am ET

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia – U.S. fast food giant McDonald's lost an eight-year trademark battle to prevent local restaurant McCurry from using the 'Mc' prefix in a precedent-setting judgment by Malaysia's highest court...

...McDonald's will have to pay 10,000 ringgit ($2,900) to McCurry, a popular eatery in Jalan Ipoh on the edge of Kuala Lumpur's downtown. McDonald's lawyers refused to comment, except to say the company will abide by the judgment.

McCurry lawyer Sri Devi Nair said the ruling means McDonald's does not have a monopoly on the prefix 'Mc,' and that other restaurants could also use it as long as they distinguish their food from McDonald's...

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